Anonymous asked:
Hi! When will you tab the rest of Legacy?? Thank you :)

I don’t know, schools opened and I’ve got lots of homework. :/ I’ll try to update my blog soon..

2 days ago
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Tiffany’s mic wasn’t working and that makes me super sad

Andy Grammer - Back Home - Cover by Tiffany Alvord (w/ Andy Grammer) {x}
Guitar tab {x}

Anonymous asked:
Hey can you tab tiffany alvord and andy grammees aucoustic version of back home? Only if it's not to hard ofc :) thank you <3

It’s not hard at all, I will post it tonight. :)

2 weeks ago
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Taylor Swift - Shake It Off - Cover by Tiffany Alvord {x}
Guitar tab {x}

Tiffany’s Alphabet: A-D / E-H / I-L / M-P / Q-T / U-W / X-Z

Anonymous asked:
Have you ever met Tiffany? And what's your twitter(if you have one)? (:

No, I haven’t met Tiffany. :( My twitter account is @demeterxkaulitz

3 weeks ago
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Anonymous asked:
Tiffany's recording Shake It Off tomorrow! When she posts it can you do a tab please? :)

Sure, thanks for the request. :)

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“I wish I could jump off the page
Into that world that I have made
I write his name a thousand times
Hearts and smileys on the line
Flirt with him give him a sign
But it’s only in my notebook, that he’s mine"

— (via beksfriend)

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