Tiffany’s Summer Girls Night Party outfit.

…in a flash you come & go, you disappear

03/15: Favorite collaborations.
Trevor Holmes » Just Give Me A Reason (by P!nk ft. Nate Ruess)

tiffany alvord » lyrics on pics (i knew you were the one)

10/15: Favorite acoustic covers.
'Back Home' by Gym Class Heroes

and I can’t take this, my heart’s breaking, I need you right now..

everybody wants to take you home tonight but I’m gonna find a way to make you mine..

Anonymous asked:
Which program do you use? for make to gif. Please replay it

Adobe Photoshop CS5.1 :)

2 weeks ago
tagged as: #answered

when I saw it coming, you know, I started, started runnin’, a runnin’, a runnin’ away..

I knew, I knew you were the one..

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