“I wish I could jump off the page
Into that world that I have made
I write his name a thousand times
Hearts and smileys on the line
Flirt with him give him a sign
But it’s only in my notebook, that he’s mine"

— (via beksfriend)


↳ tiffany alvord + hairclips

Still Into You - Paramore
Guitar tab {request} x

Legacy - Lyrics


  1. Tightrope
  2. Legacy
  3. The Other Half of Me
  4. I Wish
  5. Pour a Little Heaven on Me
  6. Magic
  7. I Knew You Were The One
  8. Aftereffect
  9. A Little Love
  10. Over for Good
  11. Walk Away
  12. Mother Always Told Me
  13. Hate to Tell You
  14. Fall Together

Anonymous asked:
I just found this blog, and I love it!! You must have worked hard with it<3 i was wondering if you can tab tiffany alvords version of "still into you" :D thank you :)

thank you, thank you, thank you! <3 sure, I will, I’ll post it when I get back from my village on August 16th :)

2 weeks ago
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Anonymous asked:
Tiffany's StageIt : youtu. be/yQpInO XRPVw (remove space before 'be'and XRPVw )

I’ve already checked that out, if someone missed Tiffany’s StageIt show, here it is. Thanks for the link anon! Have a nice day. :)

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Legacy update!

I’ve got the whole album and I’m working on tabbing the songs as well as posting the lyrics. You can check out this section for the lyrics and this section for the tabs. I’ve posted Tightrope, many of you have requested this one so you can find in the sections above. :) I hope I’ll finish the album before August 14th, so come back and check frequently for new songs. Much love, always sm:)e xoxo

Anonymous asked:
are you going to do a tab for tightrope soon?

Once I get the song I’ll tab it. :) I don’t use iTunes so I’m waiting for another download link.

3 weeks ago
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Tiffany Alvord gif hunt {request}
Keep in mind that I had to split the same scenes into many gifs because of the tumblr restrictions.

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